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Study Game Design at AIT

Turn your passion into a creative career in Games. Learn Maya and Unreal Engine, create an award-winning portfolio and connect with Australia's top games studios.

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Why study at AIT?

Learn Storytelling and Design Principles

Enter the realm of game design, discovering how to design characters, levels and environments, model 3D assets and use storytelling to make engaging content and games. 

Develop Interactive Games

Build on your design skills and use advanced logic and work on problem solving activities using the same professional equipment, contemporary software, and processes your favourite games have been designed with to develop interactive games.

Experience Real-world Immersion

Begin the transition to a career in game design as we provide students with regular opportunities to connect with industry and get noticed! We’ve hosted some of the biggest names on campus and online at our industry events -  MasterTalks, Games Mastermind and Industry Speaker Series.

What You'll Learn

Gain exposure to the full spectrum of games development so you know how to make games from start to finish. Learn how to create game play mechanics, design and animate 2D environments and characters, master the art of 3D asset production and integration with games, build-in interactivity, then learn programming techniques to bring it all to life.

Game Design Mechanics

You will be introduced to game theory, genre, history and context. You will research and report on the nature of the game industry and analyse the mechanics of game design. 

Sound Design

Learn how to record, process, and implement a variety of sounds in different contexts, as well as how to apply sound design principles to enhance communication, meaning, and emotion in your work.

Game Scripting

Acquire fundamental knowledge of game programming languages, understanding data types and how to manipulate them with functions and variables using those languages, and an understanding of scripting game logic.

3D Asset Development

Develop advanced techniques and practical skills in 3D asset creation for games programming, building on previous learning in the process of 3D sculpting to create high-quality details and contours in objects and characters. 

3D Animation Mechanics

The principles of animation will be applied to 3D characters, props, accessories and background assets, using advanced 3D industry standard software. 

Console Games Development

Learn scripting techniques, artificial intelligence, games programming for controllers, optimisation, and console development.

3D Rigging

Bring 3D models to life, utilising the fundamental theories and practises of animation rigging to create a skeleton for organic and hard surface models. 

Multiplayer Game Development

Work on multiplayer game technologies to enable interaction in real time between players. Working within a game engine, you will learn about areas concerned with networking, interpolation and synchronisation.

Check out the AIT Student Show Reel

You could create amazing worlds and tell stories just like students featured here! AIT students consistently rank as finalists at many of the prestigious awards festivals both here in Australia and globally.


85% of AIT students are hired 
directly from an internship

These three exclusive industry preparation programs are designed to immerse you in real-world training that will help you land the career of your dreams.

Forge 2

The Forge

A rigorous 2-subject program where you’ll work as part of a production team to conceptualise and produce your own game - which you’ll then pitch to an industry panel for feedback & recognition.

AIT ICONO Launchpad 2


Gain the soft skills you need to land your dream gig and excel in your career - from portfolio development to resume creation, interview techniques and personal branding.

ait logo internship


Undertake an internship as part of your course - giving you valuable on-the-job experience and a network of meaningful contacts.

Create the games you love to play

Develop the skills and master the tools needed to create award-winning Games from scratch with Australia’s most comprehensive Higher Education Bachelor program that covers all aspects of game development - just like some of AIT's recent graduates:

AIT_A21_Game Design_Landing Page_4


Senior Developer
AIT Graduate, 2016

Since graduating, Jack has quickly moved up at the ranks to become a Senior Developer at Red Cartel. He leads a team of artists and programmers working on cutting-edge games and projects such as Shell’s VPower Virtual Reality Pitt Stop.

EDM 5_Alex


Game Developer
AIT Graduate, 2018

Whilst studying, Alex landed an internship at Red Cartel where he honed his skills in 3D design & Animation which allowed him to work across all aspects of game dev. Alex then launched his own game development studio - BigfootDS.

EDM 5_Gabriella


Game Developer
AIT Graduate, 2019

Gabriella is a Unity Game Developer at Chaos Theory Games - a role which has seen her contribute to the award-winning game ‘Bleached Az’ which took out Best Serious Game at the AGDA's in 2019.


AIT grads are

working at

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