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Direct your future

Study Film at AIT

Turn your ideas into a creative career as a filmmaker or digital content producer. Master the tools, create an award-winning portfolio and connect with industry experts. 

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Why study at AIT?

Learn Storytelling and Design Principles

Learn how to use storytelling elements such as plot and character to shoot and edit short films. Develop scripts, storyboards, characters, environments and themes. 

Dive Into Advanced Production & Animation

Follow the entire production process using the latest equipment and technology.  

Experience Real-world Immersion

Analyse key areas of industry through research, and harness skills in professional communication, reflection, critical thinking and problem solving.

What You'll Learn

With a balance of foundational education and software-based technical training, AIT's curriculum gives students an extensive and in-depth skill-set that is relevant to the demands of industry. AIT's unique mix of subjects gives students exposure to the different challenges and opportunities in the production pipeline - which is exactly what professional life is all about.

Visual Storytelling

Learn how to use storytelling to make engaging film and videos. You'll develop ideas that can be produced on screens of all sizes.


Learn how to use the technical and creative aspects of Cinematography via composition and lighting are used to communicate both fact and emotion.

Image Design

Gain a solid foundation in the technical tools and design skills needed to create and manipulate digital images. You will be introduced to image editing software and then move on to develop moving image editing techniques, exploring and applying theories of film editing.


Explore the theories and principles of narrative construction and expand the ability to produce sequential art, develop characters, subtext, scenes and screenplays.

Film Production

This includes pre-production, production, directing, cinematography, crew procedures, sound and lighting, and post-production. Industry-standard production management procedures will be developed.

Sound Design

Learn to apply sound design principles which enhance and complement communication, meaning and emotion in your works. 

Motion Design

Deconstruct logos, build 2D objects and characters, and animate them using industry standard software.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Learn the basic skills required to create visual effects in industry standard software to composite multiple images and add visual effects to live action shots.

Check out the AIT Student Show Reel

You could create amazing worlds and tell stories just like students featured here! AIT students consistently rank as finalists at many of the prestigious awards festivals both here in Australia and globally.


85% of AIT students are hired 
directly from an internship

These three exclusive industry preparation programs are designed to immerse you in real-world training that will help you land the career of your dreams.

Forge 2

The Forge

Conceptualise and produce your own short film, music video, TV commercial or documentary -  and then pitch it to an industry panel for feedback & recognition.


AIT ICONO Launchpad 2


Gain the soft skills you need to land your dream gig and excel in your career - from portfolio development to resume creation, interview techniques and personal branding.

ait logo internship


Complete a 120 hour internship in exchange for course credits - giving you valuable on-the-job experience and a network of meaningful contacts.

Become a Professional Filmmaker

Bring your imagination to life and join AIT's award-winning community of film-makers and digital content producers. Become an all-rounder that can conceptualise, write, direct and edit compelling stories for all digital platforms including film, corporate video, music videos, documentaries, social media and more!

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Music Video Producer
AIT Graduate

PeeJay has gone on to be a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor and Animator for various music videos and short films for multiple agencies since graduating in 2015.

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Video Editor
AIT Graduate

Audrey is a Video Editor and Director working with brands, small businesses and agencies all around Australia including Qantas, David Jones, Red Bull & Ubisoft Australia.

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Social Media Influencer
AIT Graduate

Qutaiba is a Digital Content Creator & Social Media influencer with over 233,000 Facebook followers, 68,000 YouTube subscribers & 27,000 Instagram followers. His YouTube channel has over a total of 3,000,000 views.


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