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Design your imagination

Study 3D Animation at AIT

Turn your ideas into a creative career as a 3D Animator for the Film, Games, Design or Animation industries. Create an award-winning portfolio of work and connect with Australia's top studios.

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Why study at AIT?

Learn Storytelling and Design Principles

Study visual storytelling design and composition methods such as script writing, drawing, storyboard, animatic and camera composition conventions to visualise and prepare stories for production.

Dive Into Advanced Production & Animation

Design, render & model 3D characters, environments and worlds, learning bio-mechanics, modelling, design, movement, rigging, surfacing, light and colour theory by using professional equipment, contemporary software, and processes used in industry. 

Experience Real-world Immersion

The course delivery mirrors a real-world industry setting, with multiple creative studio lab subjects, so you are continually building work while developing an understanding of how professional 3D animations teams create together.

What You'll Learn

Create compelling 3D characters or creatures from your own imagination - then apply convincing body mechanics and performance animation to bring them to life. Take your career to the next level through digital storytelling: learn to integrate 3D elements across games, design projects and live action or animated films.

Visual Storytelling

Learn how to use storytelling to make engaging film and videos. You'll develop ideas that can be produced on screens of all sizes.


Learn the processes used in animation. They will explore the basic concepts and crafts of character design such as character animation, timing, movement, composition and background art.

3D Modelling

Learn modelling and sculpting techniques to create organic and inorganic 3D models. Be taught about industry standard workflows and professional model presentation Z-Brush, Advanced 3D techniques, Texturing and Model presentation.

3D Animation Mechanics

You will apply the principles of animation to 3D characters, props, accessories and background assets, using advanced 3D industry standard software. 

3D Rigging

Learn what it takes to bring 3D models to life, utilising the fundamental theories and practises of animation rigging to create a skeleton for organic and hard surface models. 

Game Design

Learn the principles of game design and how to apply these effectively to their own games and critically review case studies of traditional and electronic games to modern games and contemporary industry standards.

Advanced 3D Animation

Learn in depth principles of performance animation Breathe life into characters through age-old and cutting edge animation techniques and develop a strong understanding of emotion for acting.

Creative Drawing

Learn the basic fundamentals of all art creation such as: line, form, colour, texture, value and shape via different creative drawing styles and apply them using various techniques.

Check out the AIT Student Show Reel

You could create amazing worlds and tell stories just like students featured here! AIT students consistently rank as finalists at many of the prestigious awards festivals both here in Australia and globally.


85% of AIT students are hired 
directly from an internship

These three exclusive industry preparation programs are designed to immerse you in real-world training that will help you land the career of your dreams.

Forge 2

The Forge

Work as part of a production team to conceptualise & produce your own 3D animated short film, game, design or live action short film featuring 3D elements. Then pitch to an industry panel for feedback & recognition.

AIT ICONO Launchpad 2


Gain the soft skills you need to land your dream gig and excel in your career - from portfolio development to resume creation, interview techniques and personal branding.

ait logo internship


Undertake an internship as part of your course - giving you valuable on-the-job experience and a network of meaningful contacts.

Open up a world of opportunity

Bring your imagination to life and join our award-winning community of 3D Animators. Learn all aspects of 3D pipelines used in industry and gain a diverse skill-set that can be applied to roles within the film, animation or games industries - making you more adaptable, more employable and ready to tackle a range of roles, just like some of our recent graduates:

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Asset Builder
AIT Graduate

After graduating from AIT in 2019, Alix came back in France to achieve her Master's degree at ECV school where she directed a short movie called Darwin. After that, and since September, she has been employed by Framestore, who previously worked on most of the Marvel movies for example (Doctor Strange, Avengers, Spiderman ) as an asset builder, to create models for pre-vizualisation of special effects.



3D Design Supervisor
AIT Graduate

Victor is a 3D specialist who is currently the lead 3D Artist with Pyskinetic, with skills in concept design, modelling, texturing, 3D scanning and more. Victor also has worked in the VR space, Video Games, Animation and Virtual Production with Girraphic, and CactusCan Media Group


AIT grads are

working at

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