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Animate your imagination

Study 2D Animation at AIT

Turn your ideas into a creative career as a 2D animator. Master the tools, create an award-winning portfolio and connect with industry experts. 

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Why study at AIT?

Learn Storytelling and Design Principles

Learn how to use storytelling elements such as plot and character to animate and edit short films. Develop scripts, storyboards, characters, environments and themes.

Dive Into Advanced Production & Animation

Follow the entire production process using the latest equipment and technology.  

Experience Real-world Immersion

Analyse key areas of industry through research, and harness skills in professional communication, reflection, critical thinking and problem solving.

What You'll Learn

With a balance of foundational education and software-based technical training, the curriculum gives students an extensive and in-depth skill-set that is relevant to the demands of industry.

 Learn every aspect of 2D Animation - starting with visual storytelling and traditional animation concepts before diving into every aspect of animation production using industry-standard software. Master the processes and workflows you’ll use when you graduate and apply those skills to create your very own animated short films.

Visual Storytelling

Learn how to apply powerful visual storytelling design and composition methods to bring your stories to life. 

Creative Drawing Lab

Gain the primary skills required to create drawings for animation through variety of theories, styles, elements and practices of drawing.

Sound Design

Develop skills in sound editing, musical score selection, location recording, noise reduction, compression and reverberation, and sound production workflow. 

2D Animation

Acquire the skills for creating both simple and sophisticated animations. Develop animation through keyframing, tweening and frame-by-frame animation will be used in the creation of short animations.

Motion Graphics

Learn how to deconstruct logos, build 2D objects and characters, and animate them using industry standard software.


Get ready to dive into script and screenwriting for film and animation! Learn how to apply film language to your writing to create mood, tension, pacing, and drama that truly captivates your audience. 

Animation Layout

Learn about the art of background design, scene planning and 2D layout, create backgrounds in response to narrative guidelines and storyboards, and demonstrate awareness of artistic style.

Animation FX

Encounter the world of realistic visual effects for 2D animation. Develop your skills in tone, shadow and highlighting, which will allow for the design of graphics like explosions, electrical energy and other complex visual forms.

Check out the AIT Student Show Reel

You could create amazing worlds and tell stories just like students featured here! AIT students consistently rank as finalists at many of the prestigious awards festivals both here in Australia and globally.


85% of AIT students are hired
directly from an internship

Through these industry ready programs you'll learn how to master the processes and workflows and produce a major project for industry feedback, you'll gain the soft skills needed to succeed and then put your skills to practice via our Industry Internship program. 

Forge 2

The Forge

A rigorous 3-subject program where you’ll work as part of a production team to conceptualise and produce your own short film or documentary - which you’ll then pitch to an industry panel for feedback & recognition.


AIT ICONO Launchpad 2


Gain the soft skills you need to land your dream gig and excel in your career - from portfolio development to resume creation, interview techniques and personal branding.

ait logo internship


Undertake an internship as part of your course - giving you valuable on-the-job experience and a network of meaningful contacts.

Become a 2D Animator

Bring your imagination to life and join our award-winning community of 2D Animators. Give wings to your creativity and create striking worlds and tell powerful stories that move people to laughter or tears, sometimes at the same time.

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Joel Surdich

2D FX Animator
AIT Graduate, 2018

After graduating from AIT Joel gained full time employment at Flying Bark Productions and recently worked on Nickelodeon's 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' series.

A21_2D Animation_LP Students_

Chelsea Thompson

Cleanup, Ink & Paint Artist
AIT Graduate, 2018

After graduating from AIT Chelsea gained full time employment at Flying Bark Productions and recently worked on 'LEGO Monkie Kid'.

A21_2D Animation_LP Students_3

William Partridge

Junior Animator
AIT Graduate, 2019

After graduating from AIT William landed his first paid role at Poke The Bear Animation. Since then he is now a Junior Animator for Cheeky Little Media where he's worked on the ABC series 'Spongo Fuzz & Jalapena'.


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